2021 in WeBoard? Rollercoaster!

Yes, a rollercoaster. No other word is apt enough to name this entire year.

We won’t lie, the beginning of the year was really difficult for us. Simply, the startup environment is not easy and not for everyone. But we are all the more grateful for where we are today and that we can bring real value to our clients. For example, our clients‘ employees are better prepared for their first day on the job, or more proficient in crisis communication or sales skills. All thanks to our technology, which we’ve taken leaps and bounds forward in the last 12 months.

Of course, the second covid wave helped a lot. Digitization, innovation. We hear these phrases all the time, but is it really happening? Are large companies willing to invest in the development of their employees? In many ways, digital transformation has become a PR bubble, and companies have only been able to send their employees home to home office and teach them how to use Zoom or Teams during the pandemic.

But what did we manage to get done?

– We launched Aila, a unique conversational training bot that is the world’s first to deliver a functional combination of AI and life-like digital humans. Yes, soft skills training will never be the same again.

– Alza has joined our WeBoard family as the largest e-commerce player in Central Europe. We are already helping their employees with the early stage of adaptation and sales skills.

– We have joined the prestigious Microsoft for Startups program.

– They wrote about us again in Forbes and other media.

– We helped McDonald’s employees get more comfortable on their first day at work with a VR application.

– At the live-streamed Deloitte Czech SetGo conference, our Aila communicated in real time with Deloitte’s CSO Mrs. Diana Rádl Rogerová.

– We attended one of the largest tech conferences in the world, Collision.

– Our founders have spoken on podcasts from Hospodarske Noviny and E15.

– Together with McDonald’s, we won the prestigious HR Excellence Award with our „Virtual Learning“ project.

– We pitched to investors from the Czech Republic to the USA.

– Our new clients include Škoda Auto, Pilsner Urquell, ČSOB and Česká spořitelna, who will use our Aila technology for soft skills training.

– And a few weeks ago we won the best startup award at the Startup Validation Contest at the E15 Technology Festival.

Yes, it was a real ride. But we are grateful for every day we can tackle real challenges and set new standards and trends in employee training and education. 

We thank our clients for their trust in 2021 and look forward to continuing to work with them in 2022. We also thank our team who give life to our ideas and without whom we could not have achieved these successes.

Radim Tvrdoň, Martin Možnar a Jan Šebesta

WeBoard Founders


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