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Brought together to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Radim Tvrdoň
Martin Možnar

Our Mission

"We have set a bold goal, which is to forever change the way people train, educate and improve their skills. We want to achieve this with the help of the most modern technologies that we develop ourselves. The key for us is to know human perception, which we can use in our applications."

Radim Tvrdoň, CEO

Our Values


As time went

Move right
  • 2012 Radim met Martin and they officially established the PBRDigital agency focused on digital media production
  • 2015 We saw the opportunity in VR so we started to manufacture custom-made cardboard VR viewers called PanoBoard
  • 2017 We started to develop astonishing VR and online applications for our clients for events, hiring and training
  • 2020 We have created the world's first digital AI training bot who is here to help you with the employees' training
  • 2021 Our goal is to create an universal conversational AI bot capable of its own thinking in order to simulate any human activities
  • Finish

The team

Radim Tvrdoň


Martin Možnar


Jan Šebesta

Marketing Manager

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