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Why is onboarding of employees so important?

Companies that do proper onboarding have measurable results.
36 %
Saving personnel costs
80 %
Reduction of onboarding time
68 %
Increasing the efficiency of employees

WeBoard really helps to...

Time effectivity

Physical onboarding is time consuming, especially in terms of time allocation of the HR manager, who has to devote himself to new employees. With our solution, WeBoard will do it for you!

Cost savings

Every company knows how much it costs to integrate a new employee. WeBoard can reduce onboarding time by up to half. This means a reduction in onboarding costs of up to 50%.


Get out of the Excel and PDF era. Modern onboarding means using modern tools that are based on digital media that can be measured. And data is the most valuable thing WeBoard provides.

Happy employees

The elementary goal of the onboarding process is a satisfied and happy employee. Because only such an employee is able to give the best performance during his job.

Importance of onboarding

Redefined onboarding
We know that onboarding does not exist in many companies. And if so, its form does not correspond to the present. That's why we've combined our experiences from HR activities and VR application development to bring a whole new generation of onboarding tool to market.
Evaluation for savings
Our goal is not just to make nice application, but above all functional tool. Our main mission is to optimize the processes within onboarding and, thanks to its evaluation and retroactive implementation of the acquired knowledges, to make it more efficient, ergo cheaper.
Building trust
One of the other important missions of onboarding is also to deliver the company's philosophy and build a healthy and strong relationship between employee and employer.
Onboarding je proces integrace zaměstnance do společnosti.

Increase the efficiency
of onboarding

We save time for the company and its employees by helping them achieve their goals with less effort by delivering a ready-made, customized solution, thereby reducing unnecessary costs for onboarding and training processes of employees.
Onboarding. By the space.
WeBoard is not just nice 360° pictures. It is primarily a functional tool that delivers personal experience from a new work environment thanks to the virtual reality technology and its high interactivity of the new employee with the VR content in an innovative and attractive way. You just feel like you're really there!
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Virtual Meet & Greet
Eliminate the worries and fears of new employees from meeting their future colleagues and allow them to communicate with each other. Using virtual Meet&Greet module they can get to know each other in advance so the first day in the office will not be so stressful.
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