We design & build
onboarding scenarios
tailor-made to your needs.


Personal experience

Thanks to virtual reality technology
The only full-fledged personal experience is the virtual one. And WeBoard has been based on this technology from the very beginning. That's why we can do what other onboarding platforms can't. Also available in VR mode.

Interactive infoboxes

Communication by the space
Key feature of WeBoard, which carries all content messages and delivers important KPIs. Interactive pop-up boxes, placed as part of the tour, contains information like text, gallery, contact form, CTA, infographic, video or HTML5 content.

My Journey

You always know where you are
This module aims to guide the employee through the entire onboarding process so that he does not miss anything you want to share with him and at the same time so that the employee knows exactly where they are in onboarding process.


We know a personal approach is important
Developed to communicate the current events in the company. Imagine it as a very simple social site page inside the onboarding platform. News may be of a general nature or, conversely, targeted to a specific group or department. Use filters and labels to easily find what you are looking for.

Onboarding progress

Every person needs a goal
The progress bar module is a graphical representation of what stage of onboarding the employee is currently in. It is an AI driven component that aims to guide employees in the right direction if they overlooked some important message. The user always knows if he did not missed anything.

Virtual guide

Even the smartest needs an advice sometimes
Chat is a key component because it allows direct real-time communication between the employer and employee so that they are able to get to know each other. Chat can be connected to any IM communication application ie Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

About this section

There is never enough quality information
An information module that describes in more detail the area in which user is currently in the context of onboarding. This module can contain any information from descriptive texts, through galleries, contact forms, videos or any HTML5 Content or CTAs and hyperlinks.


The organization of information is fundamental
This module enable to organize, highlight, share and register any information user will find important so he won't have to look for individual information in different places. It is possible to save information from infoboxes, Onfeed news and other parts of the platform in MyNotes.

Future update: There will be a WeBoard MyNotes mobile app to make sure that employees have important notes at hand.


Custom stories

Each job has different requirements
Every company has different types of employees, each of these employees has different expectations and different goals. Create unique onboarding scenarios for each employee's bespoke. Whether it is an IT or marketing specialist, a salesperson or a receptionist, WeBoard adapts unconditionally to every employee!

Cross Platform solution

Onboarding anytime, anywhere, on any device
WeBoard is designed as a fully cloud VR application, which employees can launch anytime and anywhere using any common browser. So your employees will always have it on hand, no matter where they are or what equipment they are using.

Intelligent notifications

Focused on high performance
Smart notifications recognize when an employee does not pay proper attention to onboarding and notifies the him. Just like when an employee is unfamiliar with anything smart notifications lead the employee in the right direction so that he can stressfully manage the onboarding process.


Efficient and fun onboarding
SmartActions is a sophisticated CTAs system, which is linked to all modules and features to create one comprehensive system that will be as interactive and efficient as possible. Your employee will return to WeBoard not only because of the obligation to complete the onboarding process, but mainly because he will enjoy it!

Rest API

Connect WeBoard with the whole world
Thanks to the extensive API documentation you can easily connect any HR system or information system with WeBoard so that your work with new employees is as efficient and pleasant as possible. WeBoard easily connects to systems such as Teamio, SAP, Helios and others.

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