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onboarding tool.

What is WeBoard

1 video is better than 1000 words. And 1 VR app is better than 1000 videos. If you still don't understand the benefits of our VR onboarding platform, this video will help you!

WeBoard delivers measurable results!

Hard numbers numbers that speak for themselves.
36 %
Onboarding costs reduction
+ 100
Satisfied and active customers
+ 10
Years of experience

Importance of onboarding

Personal experience
Surely you will agree that experiencing something on your own is always incomparably better than reading or hearing about it. For WeBoard, therefore, the key is the personal experience that we achieve through communication by the space through elements of virtual reality. This is the only way to achieve maximum understanding of the information.
Gamified e-learning
We use the proven Learn & Replicate method, thanks to which we achieve the best possible results in understanding the key information. We deliver even the most boring information in a fun, interactive and playful way, which is very difficult to communicate through traditional channels or media.
Real-time analysis and evaluation
What cannot be measured cannot be evaluated. And what cannot be evaluated cannot be improved. WeBoard thus places a very high emphasis on work with data. WeBoard then automatically implements the acquired knowledge back into onboarding and training scenarios in order to be as effective as possible.
Onboarding je proces integrace zaměstnance do společnosti.
Onboarding a elearning zaměstnanců díky virtuální realitě


It's not just an onboarding tool
WeBoard is developed from the ground up to cover basically all HR disciplines. It is therefore possible to use it not only for onboarding, but by changing the depth of information, it can easily become an effective and powerful tool for hiring, preboarding, training or further education of your future and current employees.

Why is WeBoard so powerful?

Moderated VR tour

Smart moderated VR tour ensures that your new colleague will go through the onboarding from start to finish without missing any important information.

AI support

Thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence, we are able to customize onboarding and training scenarios automatically to deliver the best results.

Live chat

Integrated chat module enables the new employees to communicate with the assigned HR manager directly from the VR application so they never feel lost.

Data analytics

There are no results without data. Therefore, we carefully analyze all data to ensure that your onboarding process is as high-quality and efficient as possible.
Small & Medium
WeBoard is not only designed for the largest companies in the world. We want our solution to be accessible to everyone, regardless of the company's turnover. For this reason, we have prepared a start-up package for small and medium-sized enterprises. Any expansion can then be implemented using modules that are ready for simple connection.
BASIC plan
However, we also think of the largest companies with thousands of employees. Especially for such companies, it is most important to record and evaluate every aspect of onboarding process, as every extra minute of onboarding counts. For this reason, we have prepared a version with extended functionality and analytical options.
PRO plan