WeBoard raised investment from Nation1

Czech startup WeBoard, which offers revolutionary artificial intelligence for training and teaching employees, is one of three projects that have been pledged financial support by venture capital fund Nation 1 in this year’s round of its accelerator. WeBoard will use the €400,000 (almost CZK 10 million) pre-seed investment to improve the automation of its product, develop more virtual trainers and expand into the US.

Czech technology startup WeBoard is completely disrupting the current practice of employee training with its online training platform. Using machine learning, artificial intelligence and realistic simulations, WeBoard facilitates the learning of soft and hard skills – and fulfils employee potential in an effective and fun way. With complete independence from the capacity of corporate trainers, training can take place virtually anytime, just connect via web browser on a computer or mobile device. After the interaction, the platform will offer a detailed feedback analysis of the trained employee’s performance. Along with an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, it can suggest further training steps to improve anyone in the AI interviews.

Core WeBoard Team / by Petr Huser

WeBoard is one of the eight startups selected for this year’s acceleration by Nation 1 Fund, where they received the necessary feedback from leaders in various fields during the mentoring process, and the know-how option also takes away an investment of CZK 10 million, which will be used to develop automation of customer input data entry, improve the current bots, develop the platform itself and grow further. In addition to doubling its team, WeBoard plans to expand into the US. „What we appreciate about WeBoard is their business mindset coupled with their passion for technology. The company was originally in the business of virtual reality training, but that is technically and financially challenging. Not every company can afford the goggles and all the necessary technology. So WeBoard took an innovative route alongside VR, which managed to maintain the interactivity and usability of the product by using a digital persona. This makes the whole solution far more accessible to a wider audience. Apart from the solution itself, we have confidence in the team and its ability to penetrate other countries with its startup very soon,“ comments Petra Gordan, Senior Associate at Nation 1, on the fund’s motivation to invest.

Training for McDonald’s or Alza

In the form of real conversations with the AI bot Aila, WeBoard allows you to walk through business situations as if they were real – whether it’s an angry customer, handling a complaint, or the sale itself. In addition to Aila, WeBoard offers its LaunchBoard, a tool for employee orientation in the company, as well as MetaBoard, its first-ever virtual reality training product. Today’s products offered by WeBoard have undergone significant changes. The most obvious change is the very concept of the platform, which in its original form took place purely in virtual reality. Due to the cost of the equipment required by businesses, WeBoard has moved to an online format, bringing its online training closer to a wider range of customers.

„The experience of classic online training does not stay with people for long. That’s why we decided to take a more interactive route. Talking to Aila in a real-life simulation allows trainees to experience first-hand the different situations that await them in the real world and learn the necessary skills. At the same time, our platform will help make the job of trainers easier, freeing up capacity. Even though we are not a startup at the very beginning of our life cycle and we already have clients such as McDonald’s, Česká spořitelna or Alza, we signed up for the accelerator to improve our product sales and go further with it. We are currently already in talks to expand into the United States,“ summarizes Martin Moznar, co-founder and COO of WeBoard.

Thanks to its learning ability, Aila can adapt to the situation and respond in real-time to the stimuli that arise during the training, making it an indispensable part of the HR team in large companies. „The co-founders have many years of experience in application development and their product has been unique in the world since the beginning. They have a big challenge ahead of them in the form of expansion to the United States and the need to strengthen the team. All of this and a discussion on how best to market their product were part of our meetings during the acceleration. We are confident that they will succeed, which is why we decided to provide a pre-seed investment that will now allow them to fully focus on their goals,“ concludes Petra Koncelikova, Partner at Nation 1 Fund.

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